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Air & Earth LLC (A&E) was established in 2007 and filed to do business in New York State as an LLC.  Air & Earth elected listing under Environmental Services Application Section XI, Professional Scientific Research and Development Services. Air & Earth’s primary areas of interest lie within the Environmental, Energy and Agricultural arenas.  The company mission is the development and commercialization of patented technologies that operate in a sustainable and social manner for the benefit of the environment.

In the Envioronmental field of Dredging technology, Air & Earth LLC has made numerous advances. These include, but are not limited to, sediment volume removal rates, precision of sediment removal cuts, over dredging, slumping or erosion of material back into the cut, resuspension of sediments which include the residual and fallback layer (spillage) of contaminants, releases of dissolved contaminants throughout the water column, plume transport and volatilization of contaminates into the air.


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Air & Earth patents are currently in the environmental, energy and agricultural fields.

Our Technology

Creating innovative technology, best in it's class, through original designs, as well as, incorporating and improving on existing designs.

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